Monday, May 31, 2021

ProGen Study Group - completed!


The Cat Box Genealogist has been busy.  I have several posts in draft form, and I promise to post many of them someday soon.  After completing Boston University’s Genealogical Research program in the Fall of 2018, I had my sights on joining a ProGen Study Group.  After hanging around on the ProGen waitlist for over a year, I was finally selected and volunteered to co-lead for a group of stellar genealogists.  Assigned to ProGen 46 (Tuesday), I spent the next 14 months studying the text Professional Genealogy, Preparation, Practice, & Standards by Elizabeth Shown Mills.  This was a fantastic experience!  As a group, we sharpened our professional skill sets through challenging and detailed assignments and monthly online discussions.  Our mentor Shannon Greene, C.G., was an invaluable asset to our group, lending considerable value and encouragement. 

For anyone considering becoming a professional genealogist – or wishing to acquire the requisite skillsets – ProGen is where you want to navigate to.  I would recommend completing the Boston University program first and having considerable research experience and materials done before starting.  I highly recommend ProGen!