Saturday, June 11, 2016

Going Live!

Well, I've had this Blog off-line since starting it a few years back.  I wanted to have some content, even just a dozen or so posts, before pulling the curtain back and going public.  I'm at that threshold now, so here it is world...just what you needed...another Genealogy Blog.  

My intent here is to give back, in some small way, to the Genealogical Community that has given me so much.  Beyond the limited pro-bono work I already do in the genealogy field, I'd like to add this Blog as a way of giving back.

Please know that I plan to keep this Blog, and blogging, as a secondary or tertiary priority behind actual genealogical work and my authorship projects.  I do however get great little ideas from time to time that I will post.  I hope you enjoy them, and this blog.

Also, I favor a quick and personal writing style.  The level of polish and proof here will be (by design) much less than what one would expect in a finished formal authorship.  This is just a guy writing to you!

Enjoy, and together lets highlight and celebrate the lives of those who came before us.

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