Friday, August 15, 2014

Legal Stuff...Copyright

Okay, some not so fun stuff up front.  Please consider all of my (Aaron Tassin) original writings as protected by all applicable international Copyright laws.  I don't plan on coming up with anything earth shattering, but I might - purely by accident to be sure.  Please obtain my permission before using my writings for any purpose.  The exception here is for non-profit historical or genealogical societies.  They may copy out these writings for use in news letters or other publications solely in support of their non-profit missions without asking for my permission; I am granting these societies license, just as long as I have been given credit and only if they use whatever is copied in its full, unedited entirety.  For my part, I make every effort to obtain permissions or use information in the public domain.  Credit will always be given.  Any photos appearing here were taken by me (Author) unless otherwise stated.  Thanks for understanding.

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