Thursday, May 21, 2015

EBay. EBay? EBay!

Genealogy happens, and it can happen anywhere.  I remember once being in the basement of the Josephine County Oregon county records building, asking questions about mines and geology, in the pursuit of genealogical research.  You never know where a path will take you, or where you will find information about 'your people'.  Here's an example...try looking at EBay.  Why are not looking for a deal on sporting goods, or a collectors quality baseball card right?   Wrong.  Case in point...I just found four original press photographs of one of my ancestors, Algernon Tassin (1869 - 1941) for sale on EBay.  Algernon was a professor at Columbia University and an author.  For whatever reason, he posed for press-core photographs in about 1926.  Four of these photographs, clearly taken on the same day, were for sale on EBay.  I found them by simply searching for the surname Tassin in the EBay search box.

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