Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Iberia Parish Courthouse

The Iberia Parish Court Building is located at 300 Iberia Street, in New Iberia Louisiana.  On the day of my visit Succession Records were on my mind.  My second-great Grandfather Hildebert Theriot (sometimes spelled without the silent H, Ildebert) and his wife Louise Elmina Delahoussaye lived and died in Iberia Parish.  Research pointed to Hildebert's succession documents kept in this courthouse.  The Court Records office is on the first floor.  Once inside this office, there is a public counter with some very helpful staff.  They told me to just help myself to the Index Books, a right turn and immediately adjacent to the public counter.  I was told taking pictures of the actual recordings is discouraged and there is a fee for copies.  Normal rules.  Naturally there are no birth or death records, but plenty of conveyance and successions.  Conveyances are numbered in order and the actual documents are kept by book within a given number range.  These are neatly shelved, some to the ceiling.  Once the record's number is found, find the corresponding book and flip some pages.  Copies are made by the staff at the public counter - $1 each; printed out to legal sided paper.  Seems there was a little dispute between the children in Hildebert's succession, great for genealogical perspective, but at a dollar a page cut into my research budget.

Whenever I'm in a court records repository, I like to check for other family known to have been in the same geographic area.  I'll also run the pages looking for names that jump out at me.  This time it paid off.  Hildebert's mother Marie Rosalie Romero had a much earlier succession.  

Parking next to the court building, west side.  Look north from the parking lot and you'll see St. Peter's Cemetery.

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