Monday, October 3, 2016

Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery is located in Baton Rouge on North 15th Street, between 'North' Street and Main Street.  There are two entrances, one on the north side of the cemetery, and the second on the southern edge.  This is a historic cemetery, and I was impressed with the overall disrepair and lack of upkeep.  There are newer grave sites here, with dates of death only 50 years ago or so, but still there doesn't appear to be ongoing maintenance.  Several headstones are made of concrete; many without visible or readable markings.  I found my Theriot family there in the southeast corner.  This section appeared to me to have the older resting places.

Street parking only, and not much of it.  No one on site.  If I had to find someone here, I'd first research all the known indexes to narrow the search.

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